Law Vs Grace

Episode 12 · August 6th, 2018 · 1 hr 39 mins

About this Episode

Is there any reason to pursue a deeper understanding of the law vs grace? There is if we truly believe that Jesus was the promised messiah, and that he came, not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it, then we need to know what that means for us, now, in our daily walks with him. Otherwise, we will blend the law and grace creating a hybrid Christian faith that blurs the lines between the 2, thus blurring our understanding of Jesus and what it means to follow him as well as to look like him. Perhaps the confusion comes, on one level, because we claim salvation through Jesus, but at the same time we have lost sight of what it looks like to live out our lives according to Jesus’ example leading up to his death on the cross. And for Gentile followers of Jesus, this is particularly concerning since gentiles were never under the first covenant under the law to begin with. It was only after Jesus fulfilled the law, thus rendering the first covenant null and void, that the second covenant of grace was extended to include gentiles as well. In that the new covenant was established on better promises, though, why would anyone, jew or gentile alike, ever choose to be subject again to such a yoke of slavery?

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