Part I: The Church As Last Eve - Proving Jesus Came To Redeem A Bride

Episode 2 · May 5th, 2018 · 58 mins 57 secs

About this Episode

Years ago I found myself asking the question if Jesus is the last Adam, then would that mean that the church, Christ's bride, is in effect the last Eve? If not literally, at least symbolically? How to prove this, though, became more than a challenge for knowing where to even begin such a search. After much thought and deliberation I finally realised that the place that I needed to start was at the beginning with the creation of the first Eve through the first Adam. That if we, as the church, Christ's bride, are seen by God as the last Eve, if you will, then there should be correlations between the description of the creation of Eve in Genesis 2:21-25 and passages in the New Testament having to do with Jesus and what he did on our behalf in order to redeem his bride. This episode, the first in a 5 part series, begins with Genesis 2:21 proving that Jesus not only came to redeem a bride, but the bride he came to redeem, is in effect, the last Eve.

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